Can Orthotics Improve My Athletic Performance?

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Can Orthotics Improve My Athletic Performance?

The feet are vital body parts for anyone, of course, but more so for athletes, who often need to run and jump as well as walk. However, without the proper care, you're at risk for foot and ankle injuries that may keep you on the bench for the season.

Rest, stretching, and proper warm-ups are all critical to your athletic capabilities, but taking the appropriate steps to support your feet is essential.

Custom orthotics are a way to cushion and support your feet during practice and throughout the season. They reduce pain and can even help you perform better at your sport.

The team at Manhattan Podiatry Group understands the need for athletes to have healthy feet. Dr. Mark Sharobeem is an experienced podiatrist who provides various treatments and preventive measures for foot and ankle conditions.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are specialized shoe inserts that address specific issues in the feet and heels. Custom orthotics are made specifically for your needs, as opposed to the inserts you can buy at the drugstore.

A podiatrist or foot and ankle specialist evaluates your feet to determine the need for orthotics. Different forms of orthotics address various foot problems. 

Functional orthotics address abnormal motion of the feet and ankles, and we make them from rigid or semi-rigid materials. Accommodative orthotics are more for comfort and support of painful foot problems like calluses and diabetic foot ulcers. 

The type of orthotic you need depends on your pain level, foot issues, and the amount of stress you put on your feet, primarily through sports.

However, if you're living with conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions, high arches, or flat feet, you can benefit from custom orthotics.

Orthotics for athletes

Orthotics are an excellent option for athletes, even for those who aren't experiencing pain. Sports participation in general takes a toll on your foot health, especially sports that rely heavily on running or jumping.

You can certainly enhance your athletic performance by investing in a good pair of custom orthotics, along with the proper shoe for your specific sport. Orthotics help improve your game in many ways, including:

Addressing specific needs

You can enhance your athletic performance with custom orthotics by addressing your specific needs. For example, if you have arthritis, back pain, shin splints, or high arches, custom orthotics help you relieve discomfort and pain to improve function.

Preventing injuries

By addressing specific needs in your feet and ankles, custom orthotics can help you prevent injuries during practice or a game. Pain from injuries makes you overcompensate with other parts of the body, further increasing discomfort and risk for damage.

Supporting the feet and ankles

Foot and ankle support prevents stress fractures, sprained ankles, and other sports-related injuries. It also allows you to maintain your balance, which prevents falls and other problems on and off the field.

Many sports also take a significant toll on your body, especially the ankles and feet. Custom orthotics provide you with comfort and stability in your shoes, which reduces pain and enhances your performance.

Addressing body alignment problems

Playing sports sometimes causes alignment issues in the back and hips, which puts you at risk for injuries and decreased performance. Use of orthotics addresses any problems in your feet that may slowly creep up and affect other aspects of your body.

By reducing pain, preventing injuries, providing support, and keeping the body aligned, orthotics are certainly an excellent option to improve your game. Dr. Sharobeem helps you determine what type of orthotic is best for your needs.

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